If you are searching for quality liquid injection molding services and are in need of specific silicone molding products, contact Medco Products. A leader in the industry of silicone injection molding and all types of liquid injection molding, we can service your corporation with the highest grade of materials available.

When OEM design and product engineers are faced with a need for an elastomer to solve a unique design of functional requirement, they will usually turn to specialized silicone molding. The success of Medco Products is due to our unparalleled knowledge of high performance elastomer materials – with an exceptional amount of expertise in silicone technology and our silicone injection molding. Prototyping of liquid silicone rubbers parts using Medco’s innovative tooling technology is one of the fastest methods for producing simple silicone parts. Our silicone rubber molding is derived from a complete understanding of the latest technology and superior materials. For all liquid injection molding, we are in the forefront of experience, technology, design and turnaround time.

Our engineers communicate with our customers to understand all aspects of the component’s ultimate function within the final application of the product. We want all of our silicone rubber molding to perform to its utmost capabilities for our clients. This understanding, as well as the complexity, specifications and material requirements for each component, influence the silicone injection molding process employed for optimal output.
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