In addition to our exceptional plastic injection molding and all other general injection mold products, we ensure quality packaging of our product services. We want to guarantee that our materials will reach you in the best condition possible. Medco Products offers great packaging solutions, along with unique assembly for custom molding and secondary packaging for our injection molds to our molding customers. Your company requires specialized injection mold products with fast and reliable service. Our facilities are located under one roof, ensuring that our product will be produced and packaged to your necessary specifications. Don’t let your corporation’s injection mold needs risk mediocrity. Our custom molding specialized services include package development and process development with in-house tooling design and manufacture. We also provide process, cleaning-validation design and testing for our injection molds.

For help with your silicone and plastic injection molding of precision silicone and plastic product needs or packaging solutions for our injection molds, call us for a quote. We’re always here to help you find the best injection mold material at the specifications that your business requires. We are your successful injection mold specialists, whether you are in need of plastic injection molding or silicone products. Call us for a quote today and let Medco Products work with you tomorrow!


For help with your injection molding of precision silicone and plastic product needs, or packaging solutions:

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